The Fair Housing Act

Fair housing is a civil right.  It is protected by federal and state fair housing laws.  All U.S. residents have the right to equal treatment free of discrimination when renting or buying a home, applying for home owners insurance or mortgages, or in any other housing-related services. When violations of the Fair Housing Act occur, available remedies can include monetary damages and court orders compelling defendants to change policies and practices.


It is our mission to:

  1. Promote understanding of fair housing rights; and
  2. To eliminate housing discrimination through enforcing the federal Fair Housing Act and other laws.

Jobs & Internships

We need your help in fighting housing discrimination!  CAFHC is currently seeking individuals interested in serving as testers. We provide tester training to all of our testers, including both classroom instruction and field practice.  

Please note that testing is not part-time employment and is not steady work. Testers are assigned as needed and as available. Also, because of HUD rules, real estate agents and individuals engaged in the renting or selling of residential property are not eligible to serve as testers.